Mariah Carey Is Stiff as a Board in VH1 Hip Hop Honors Performance

There are many things Mariah Carey is famous for: Her diva attitude, her dog-whistle high records and her adore of all things relating to butterflies.

One thing she is NOT famous for is being a skilled, flexible dancer.

So know that when we contend that Mariah’s miss of transformation onstage during a 2017 VH1 Hip Hop Honors was strange, it’s not since we had delusions that she was able of pulling off a Janet Jackson-style “Rhythm Nation” routine. we only approaching her to act like someone with a beat and a operative musculoskeletal system.

Instead, we got a mannequin challenge.

Mariah looked so worried onstage via a whole slight and she compulsory a assistance of dual masculine dancers to pierce anything some-more than an inch.

And when she was ostensible to correlate with Ma$e during his verse, she looked like she was clenching her donkey cheeks and pang from a critical box of burble courage a whole time. Ma$e, on a other hand, was bubbly and bounced around during his opening like Tigger. Mariah: She gave him zero though her best Eeyore and had a face that screamed, “Why am we here right now?”

Watch Mariah’s impossibly idle VH1 Hip Hop Honors opening below.

Mariah’s former choreographer Anthony Burrell certified in new interviews that Mariah’s indolence onstage is something that he dealt with when he worked with her. He also pronounced she performs with “no f*cks given” and called her new performances “lackluster.” So we already know what time it is, generally after we witnessed that horrible New Year’s Eve performance.

But Twitter still couldn’t assistance though notice, ridicule and prominence only how terrible and ungainly Mariah was on VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

I’m gonna need Mariah to do a small bit improved than this, please. Either that or put divided all of a damn dancers and only lift an Adele. But we can’t have all of these people bustin’ a pierce and breakin’ a sweat, twirling around we while we lazily gawk during them and sigh, Mimi.

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