Dads On What Sex Is Really Like When You’re Trying For A Baby

Adams says he and wife feel very lucky she conceived naturally with both their daughters, he says. First time round, it took a matter of months and less than a year for their second. That’s not to say they didn’t have any worries. Adams had undergone surgery as a teenager to repair a hernia and post-operative complications left him with swollen genitals. Despite being told it wouldn’t impact his ability to conceive, it was something that weighed on his mind. 

“I was also well into my 30s when I became a dad, almost 40 when Izzy was born,” he says. “My wife is slightly older, nearing 40 first time around and just over that threshold second time. We weren’t the youngest parents and that was always in the back of my mind when we were trying.”

The hardest part for Adams was the waiting. “I hated it, and the disappointment when we discovered my wife wasn’t pregnant,” he says. “I’ll say again though, we were lucky to conceive so quickly on both occasions.”

For others, conceiving wasn’t so easy. Brandon Barnes, 38, is dad to eight-year-old Jackson and Lauren, who is nearly two. Jackson came along quickly, but they had several miscarriages after him. They also had a stillborn son, Holis, at 25 weeks. “It was a long and difficult time,” he says.

Article source: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/dads-describe-trying-for-a-baby_uk_5ba8ed40e4b0375f8f9f0849

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