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Want To Hire A Pet-Sitting Service? Here’s What To Ask Them

  • October 21, 2021

“When I am interviewing [pet-sitter] applicants, I always ask, ‘Are you a people person?’ May sound idiotic at first, but it is literally the single most important question to ask, in my opinion – of course, other than experience and such.

Why? Because we are really dealing with human emotions, fears, anxiety, their beloved pets and homes. … Dogs and cats will operate fairly smoothy with whomever – dogs a bit more adaptable than cats, barring no special needs or personality stuff. But we have to make sure their humans feel good, which is why the answer ‘I’m a dog/cat person and can’t stand people’ is a red-flag answer.” – Andrea Fenner, owner of the Philadelphia-based service The Cat Peeps

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