‘Alien Megastructure’ Solar System Spotted By Kepler Space Telescope Most Likely A Star Swarmed By Comets Say NASA

When NASA’s Kepler Telescope suggested that it had found what could have been an ‘alien megastructure’ orbiting a apart star, it didn’t take prolonged for both a wider village and a open to welcome what could have been a first glance during visitor life.

Sadly, and as is customarily a case, Kepler’s scientists have been tough during work perplexing to hurt all a dreams and have come adult with a some-more expected alternative.

comet swarm

Thankfully, this choice is proof to be equally as bizarre as a initial theory. Rather than being a vast organisation of companion structures, researchers trust that a bizarre light entrance from a star is since is being engulfed by a overflow of comets.


The base of a conjecture arose when star KIC 846285’s light outlay unexpected dimmed dramatically as nonetheless something large had upheld in front of it.

Bringing in reinforcements, a organisation during Kepler recruited a absolute Spitzer Space telescope that can perspective apart objects regulating infrared light.

The wish was that by slicing by a dirt that was obscuring Kepler’s bizarre view, Spitzer would be means to pull behind a fate and exhibit a truth.

spitzer telescope

Spitzer is means to perspective a star by a infrared spectrum

What it found was positively nothing. No feverishness signatures, nothing, heading a researchers to usually one probable explanation: comets.

It’s believed that a light was blocked by a large overflow of comets travelling in a long-distance elliptical circuit around a star. The light was afterwards blocked by a large comet heading a group.

Massimo Marengo of Iowa State University, Ames, who led a investigate points out that there’s still copiousness some-more poser to uncover when it comes to KIC 846285.

“This is a really bizarre star,” he said. “It reminds me of when we initial detected pulsars. They were emitting peculiar signals nobody had ever seen before, and a initial one detected was named LGM-1 after ‘Little Green Men.'”

“We might not know nonetheless what’s going on around this star,” Marengo observed. “But that’s what creates it so interesting.”

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