Ancient Antarctic ice melt caused EXTREME sea level rise – and it will happen again

The planet has already seen an increase of 1C compared to pre-industrial levels which will contribute massively to the melting of the ice caps and subsequent sea level rise.

Chris Fogwill, professor of glaciology and palaeoclimatology at Keele University, Chris Turney, professor of Earth Science and Climate Change and Zoë Thomas, both from the University of New South Wales, have stated we are well on our way to a 2C rise, which could spell the end for major cities.

The trio wrote in an article for The Conversation: “We found that the mass melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet was a major cause of high sea levels during a period known as the Last Interglacial (129,000-116,000 years ago).

“The extreme ice loss caused more than three metres of average global sea level rise – and worryingly, it took less than 2C of ocean warming for it to occur.

“We think it’s likely this melting started well before the ocean warmed by 2C. This is concerning to us today, as ocean temperatures continue to increase, and the West Antarctic is already melting.

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