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Ancient Egypt breakthrough after Tutankhamun’s tomb mystery solved: ‘Very similar’

  • November 25, 2021

Tutankhamun’s successor, Ay, had practically banished him from Egypt’s history, directing his body to a small and poorly decorated tomb.

Examining Ay’s tomb for clues, Ms Ismail pointed to a wall filled with artwork of baboons, and said: “Both Tut and Ay opted for the same scene, almost like the same person chose what goes in each tomb.”

Ay and Tutankhamun’s tombs are uncannily similar, suggesting that a common hand was at work on both.

Yet, only Ay’s tomb was fit for a pharaoh.

Ms Ismail said: ‘It’s very similar to the tomb of Tutankhamun — the style, the artwork, the sarcophagus.

“But, it’s so much bigger.”


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