Anonymous Accuses Silicon Valley Company Of Helping ISIS

Islamic State websites are being stable opposite cyberattacks by a Silicon Valley company, Anonymous has claimed.

The indictment is directed during CloudFlare, a organisation that aims to make websites safer and faster – in eventuality of being overloaded with traffic

The hacker common trust a startup is permitting ISIS-related sites to stay afloat amidst cyberattacks, that it launched as partial of a OpParis campaign.

anonymous cloudflare

“@CloudFlare have been found to be providing services to pro-#IslamicState websites. Shameful,” Anonymous tweeted.

However, a firm’s CEO Matthew Prince has strike behind during a hackers. Speaking to The Register, he said: “I’d advise this was armchair research by kids – it’s tough to take seriously. Anonymous uses us for some of a sites, notwithstanding vigour from some buliding for us to take Anonymous sites offline.”


“Even if we were hosting sites for ISIS, it wouldn’t be of any use to us,” he added.

“I should suppose those kinds of people compensate with stolen credit cards and so that’s a disastrous for us.”

In 2013, CloudFlare faced identical criticisms over an al-Qaeda website, Kavkaz Center, that was reportedly means to avoid Denial of Service Attacks regulating facilities supposing by a startup.

DDoS is a process that entails bringing down a site by routing masses of trade to it.

However, according to The Kernel, a Kavkaz Center was means to stay afloat amidst these attacks regulating CloudFlare.

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