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Archaeologists stunned by strange discovery at city of Petra: ‘Doesn’t belong here’

  • October 24, 2021

Along Petra’s collonaded main street, his team of archaeologists investigating a line of shops in 2017 came across something puzzling.

Dr Paradise explained: “What they uncovered [were] massive beds of very white sandstone.”

Showing a piece of the brick red sand that is native to the valley, he said: “It’s much more characteristic of the lower part of the valley.”

Yet, he picked up sand from another pile, which was found in the shops, and explained: “This characteristic white sand doesn’t belong here.”

The valley in which Petra sits is exclusively surrounded by hills of red rock.

Dr Paradise and his team set to work investigating the mystery.

He said: “We realised it had the particle size, the colour texture, everything the same as the sandstone that we see across the valley and over the top of the hill.

“This started a longer inquiry that would lead us to conclude that Petra may have literally been hit by a massive, massive flood.”

Petra has a history of being hit by torrential rains and subsequent flooding.

In 1963, its flood defences succumbed to floodwaters and killed 22 visitors.


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