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Bermuda Triangle probe boost after 80-year-old shipwreck discovery aided new search

  • September 19, 2021

Mr Mayer said that by studying what the F4F looks like underwater he might be able to build up a picture of how the Flight 19 planes may appear.

Indeed, working out what planes look like after a long time underwater provided a welcome boost to the search in the Bermuda Triangle.

The US Navy confirmed the discovery of the USS Lexington, which went down after being struck by multiple Japanese torpedoes and bombs.

Mr Kraft said at the time: “Lexington was on our priority list because she was one of the capital ships that was lost during World War 2.”

The explorer’s mission with the Petrel in the Bermuda Triangle to find the lost Avengers from Flight 19 began in February of last year.

His team employs cutting-edge technology in their search, including the use of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

The deep-sea drones, which can dive up to three miles below the surface, can use bursts of sonar to map the ocean floor.

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