Bible archaeology: How 3,300-year discovery could prove the Bible’s ‘historical accuracy’

In particular, Professor Tom Meyer told a 1933 British excavation in Jericho may have found artefacts related to King Eglon of Moab.

King Eglon, as described in the Book of Judges, was the ruler of Moab who together with Ammon and Amalek lead an assault on Israel.

Professor Meyer said: “A British archaeologist has likely discovered the palace of the famous and fat King of Moab, Eglon, who was assassinated by the Israelite judge Ehud.

“During the Biblical period of the Judges, around 1300 BC, King Eglon of Moab controlled the coveted Medeba Plateau in modern-day Jordan and used the plateau as a launching pad to push west to rule over the villages in Israel near Jericho as well as north and west of Jerusalem.

“King Eglon used Jericho as a home base to collect supplies from the raids in the region.”

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