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Boris Johnson Joked UK Is Turning Into The ‘Saudi Arabia Of Penal Policy’

  • September 15, 2021

The unearthed footage has not gone down well among opposition MPs, as the Middle East nation is notorious for its strict punishment system and even beheads some accused of breaking the law.

Homosexuality is also illegal there and can be punished with the death penalty, chemical castration or whippings.

Aside from Patel’s recent attempts to increase the prison sentences for asylum seekers who arrive in the UK, she is known for encouraging the reintroduction of capital punishment back in 2011. However she did pull back from supporting the death penalty once she joined the cabinet.

The response was not positive

Johnson’s words in front of 300 people at the £500-a-head lunch in Mayfair have stunned the online community.

The Lib Dems’ Alistair Carmichael tweeted: “Hard these days to be shocked by the callous remarks of Boris ‘let the bodies pile high’ Johnson but this latest revelation marks a new low even for him.

“He may admire his pals in the Saudi dictatorship but with this kind of humour the joke is on all of us.”

Labour’s deputy, Angela Rayner, also tweeted: “Saudi Arabia beheads its own citizens, tortures activists exercising their democratic rights and kills homosexuals. This is disgusting. As ever with Boris Johnson behind closed doors the masks slips and we see what he really thinks.”

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