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Brexit fury: ‘Recipe for disaster’ warning for farmers over ‘rushed’ India-UK trade deal

  • August 07, 2022

As the Government is aiming to double its trade with India, it is likely to face pressure from New Delhi to relax Britain’s pesticide standards, which are far more aggressive than New Delhi’s.

In a new report from Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) and Sustain Alliance, trade expert Dr Emily Lydgate warned that Indian-produced staples with high levels of pesticides, such as rice, wheat and tea, could reach the UK.

Aside from introducing British consumers to toxic fruits and vegetables, the deal could also risk undercutting UK-based farmers, who may be able to compete with cheaper produce from India, it is claimed.

Speaking to, Josie Cohen, head of policy and campaigns at PAN UK, said: “Entering into a rushed trade deal with India would be a recipe for disaster for the UK farming industry, effectively giving Indian agribusiness a competitive advantage at a time when we are asking British farmers to produce more sustainably.

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