CERN breakthrough: Ultra-rare decay of God Particle to help unlock secrets of the Universe

The 2 sigma result observed by the ATLAS experiment, means the odds are one in 40.

The detected decay is all the more impressive because for every predicted Higgs boson decay into a muon, thousands of muon pairs are produced through other processes.

Professor Sinead Farrington, University of Edinburgh, Spokesperson for the UK institutes on ATLAS, said: “Seeing this type of decay for the first time is an exciting landmark that opens a completely unexplored domain for characterising the Higgs sector.”

The results were announced during the 40th International Conference on High-Energy Physics (ICHEP 2020).

Professor Victoria Martin, ATLAS collaborator, at the University of Edinburgh said:”Finding out more about the Higgs boson is always an exciting occasion for the ATLAS experiment collaboration, especially so for the over 500 collaboration members from the UK.

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