Dinosaurs in the UK: Britain’s first pterodactyl remains found on the Isle of Wight

Co-author of the study Professor David Martill, a palaeontologist from the University of Portsmouth, added: “This new species adds to the diversity of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles found on the Island, which is now one of the most important places for Cretaceous dinosaurs in the world.”

The large animals were not actually dinosaurs, rather a flying reptile.

One of the main differences between reptiles and dinosaurs is that the latter tends to hold their limbs beneath their head – think tyrannosaurus rex – whereas reptiles have their limbs on a level with their head, such as a crocodile.

Although several dino-era remains have been found in the UK, researchers have recently pinpointed the dinosaur hotspot.

The Sahara Desert is not home to many animals anymore, but once upon a time it was teeming with deadly beasts, fossils have revealed.

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