Google’s Eric Schmidt Sexism Controversy: Exec Chairman Criticised For ‘Manteruption’ At SXSW

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Eric Schmidt has landed himself in prohibited H2O after articulate so most about gender inequality in a tech attention that he indeed started to drown out his womanlike counterpart.

Speaking during a ‘How Innovation Happens’ speak at South By Southwest festival, a Google Executive Chairman was assimilated by Walter Isaacson and Chief Technology Officer of a United States Megan Smith.

The Wall Street Journal reports that during countless points via a discussion, Schmidt would cut Smith off, interrupting her to make his possess points.

According to a WSJ things didn’t get any improved as, “Schmidt opined on that of dual questions Smith should respond to. Later, he interjected mid-sentence with thoughts on Raspberry Pi,”

It appears as yet a assembly wasn’t carrying any of it as during a QA a doubt was asked about “how celebrity biases in group and women impact workplace dynamics,”

At this indicate a WSJ reports that a assembly applauded, creation a tie between what had been going on via a talk.

This was after reliable by Senior Technology Advisor during a White House Haley outpost Dyck who tweeted: “Thank we to whoever respectfully asked a cut off question! Glad other people have beheld @USCTO #askwalter #SXSW2015”

It turns out that a attendee that asked a doubt was Diversity Programs Manager during Google Judith Williams.

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