How To Spot A Fake Hoverboard Before You Go Christmas Shopping

Hoverboards have been removing a bad swat recently, notwithstanding all a unconstrained hours of fun they provide.

Over a final 7 weeks some-more than 15,000 hoverboards have been announced vulnerable by Trading Standards, as a inclination lift a risk of overheating, bursting or throwing fire.

The categorical dangers, as we substantially guessed, distortion with a plug, cabling, chargers and battery.


To make things worse, 99 percent of IO Hawk hoverboards on a marketplace are feign according to new investigate from NetNames – an group that specialises in safeguarding brands from counterfeit.

This is apparently going to make Christmas selling a lot harder this year.


So, here are a few tips on how to mark a feign hoverboard.

1) The plug
three pin plug

According to Trading Standards, we “should check that a 3 pin block on a device states it is done to BS 1363. If it doesn’t embody this information, afterwards don’t buy a product.”

It is also critical to demeanour out for a figure of a plug. A hoverboard with a clover-shaped block has been deemed unsafe, so we need to equivocate this during all costs.

2) The manufacturer

Check a device for markings or traceable information, such as a name and hit sum of a manufacturer and / or importer.

3) Online purchases
shopping online

The hospital have also supposing a good tiny checklist to go by if we are formulation to buy a hoverboard online.

  • Try acid for reviews of a product or a seller – do these seem genuine?
  • Are there lots of spelling or abbreviation mistakes on a site? This can be a idea that a business is not professionally run.
  • See if we can find out where a company’s conduct bureau is formed – and either that fits with how a website presents itself.
  • Do they have a landline series we can call if there are any problems? Bear in mind that if a association is formed abroad, it can be some-more formidable to get a censure dealt with or lapse a inadequate product.
  • Read a tiny imitation – notice if anything seems odd, repeated or in improper English.
  • Is there an ‘s’ during a finish of a ‘http’ partial of a web address, or is there a clinch pitch in a charge bar? This means a website is regulating an encrypted complement that keeps your sum some-more secure.

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