I Love My Food and I’m Thankful we Was Born Before a Digital Technology Boom

I was innate in 1990, so by a time we was 7 years old, emails were hardly used in offices, never mind by teenagers and kids. There was no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (thank integrity for that).

I make no secrets that we do adore my food, we adore good food. I’m from Greece after all. And currently we review with unhappiness currently about a US Army Veteran, age 31, now a aptness motivator/personal trainer, who has motionless to plainly insult fat people, branding them ‘utterly nauseating and disgusting’. His video has left viral and it has reached over 2.5 million views.

The disproportion used in his video are clear, open, degrading and no half suspicion is spared. Does he unequivocally consider that a some-more he shouts about it, a some-more fat people will go and embankment a crisps and ice-cream?

I’m certain a issues complicated teenagers face currently are roughly matching to those gifted by us immature people decades ago, before record became such an constituent partial of complicated life. But a categorical disproportion now is a approach that bullying poise manifests itself. No longer is name-calling simply thrown around a classroom, stadium or on propagandize buses. Insults are now rigourously voiced plainly online. It becomes public, and a hundred times some-more amplified.

Google, smart-phones, laptops, computers, tablets and online games make ‘cyberbullying’ accessible to a masses, to anyone. You can strike during your friends, during your enemies, even during strangers and celebrities.

People are means to plainly join a cyberbullying war, and a selected plant can be publicly flustered online. The profanation of those we trusted, those we called friends, now becomes open and doubly painful. Even divorces and break-ups can have their possess spot-light on Twitter, striking publicly to friends and family a dour existence of a heartbreak, in usually a few minutes.

Passive-aggressive campaigns engage clicking ‘like’, ”favourite’ and ‘retweet’ on posts, maybe to endorse that she is ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. A conditions can escalate, from a healthy (albeit heated) discuss inside a classroom to a antagonistic online conflict on an individual.

As forward as it might be, we can't repudiate a significance digital record plays nowadays. we work in this attention after all, and a advantages are immense. However, if we are a child, a teen, or a immature person, we might knowledge a formidable tour between adolescence and adulthood. Being angry probably can usually make things some-more difficult.

When we was flourishing up, my friends and we were all tormented by identical concerns: a highlight of exams, spots, a need to wear smart garments and trainers, teenage romance, and body-image… a list is endless. What is unhappy now is that teenagers clearly shows that a healthy course is for immature people to spin to a digital world, whatever a circumstance. We’ve seen how bullying moves to amicable media and how fast this can escalate.

And a politics of texting emanate havoc, quite among girls (how prolonged before we can content back? how many kisses is acceptable? Is a smiley emoticon too friendly?).

Eating disorders, anorexia-nervosa, bullying, racism, gender confusions, homophobia and self-harm: so most to tackle. we feel so contemptible for teachers, who are no longer usually quite educational figures. They have turn guardians, broker relatives and confidence guards: all in one. They contingency be so disturbed about any risk, usually by witnessing a youngest in their care, when relocating from a ‘real’ universe opposite to a ‘virtual’, and behind again.

It contingency be tough to be a child these days. They are confronting ‘big’ issues in ‘little bodies’, with no knowledge of how to tackle a rigourously of how adult universe can be. Yes, we can palm on heart say, I’m blissful we was innate in 1990.

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