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Mars rover Perseverance shares first 360-degree panoramas of Mars and they’re stunning

  • February 27, 2021

Mastcam-Z is a stereoscopic camera based on the Mastcam instrument carried by NASA’s previous rover, Curiosity.

The tool has been described as Perseverance’s “eyesight” as it will allow Perseverance to zoom in on and pick out rocks and features of special interest.

The instrument will also allow scientists to detect signs of ancient lakes and rivers where life may have once existed.

And if that was not exciting enough, the instrument can take 3D photos and record video in high-definition.

Altogether, the instrument will allow for some of the most finely detailed analysis of the Red Planet’s surface.

You can see just how detailed the panorama is in the embedded NASA image. Use your scroll wheel or the controls in the left-hand corner to zoom in. 

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