Merneptah Stele: How this 3,200-year artefact could prove the Bible was RIGHT

He said: “After detailing how the Pharaoh subdued the Bible cities of Ashkelon, Gaza and Yanoam that revolted against Egyptian rule, he then brags that ‘Israel is desolate its seed is no more’.

“The Egyptian expression associated with Israel here ‘his seed is no more’ means that Israel has been totally destroyed.

“This phrase does not mean that Israel’s agricultural products – as some interpret ‘seed’ -have been destroyed, rather it is used to signify complete destruction or ruin of their people group.

There is nothing in the Merneptah stela context to suggest that the destruction of ‘grain’ is intended, as some

scholars think.

“Inside the Merneptah funeral chamber where the stela was found, there are wall reliefs probably depicting the pharaoh’s battle with the people of Canaan, including the Israelites.

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