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MPs Told Off: ‘Don’t Bring Dogs To Work And Stop Taking Photos’

  • October 28, 2021

In an email to MPs yesterday, Ugbana Oyet’s office stressed: “Animals that do not fall within these criteria will be refused entry, unless there is express written permission otherwise.”

He also reminded MPs about the strict rules surrounding photography and campaigning, citing “security, safety, privacy, and neutrality”.  

The email, seen by HuffPost UK, said there were designated areas where photographs were allowed and stressed they should be taken in “connection with parliamentary work”.

A source suggested the reminder signalled some MPs had been breaking rules on the estate. 

The Serjeant at Arms also highlighted the prohibition on displaying campaign material, adding: “Photographs taken in designated areas should not include (for example) banners, logos or campaign-branded clothing.

“These restrictions do not apply in booked meeting rooms or private offices.”

A quick look at some social media profiles suggests what might have prompted the authority’s reminder. 

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