NASA shock: ‘Inferno’ alien planets burning at ’12,000 degrees’ in a ‘circle of hell’

NASA released a video, styled as a nostalgic horror film trailer, showcasing the terrifying nature of this planet, along with other ones.

In the video, the voiceover says: “For eons, human beings have gazed up at its tranquil beauty, taking solace in the peaceful stillness of this vast and eternal cosmic cornucopia.

“And yet all the while, lurking beyond our solar system, among the billions of stars and the exoplanets that orbit them is another sort of Milky Way altogether.

“A far more sinister space, a place only sophisticated space telescopes and imaging processes can reveal, a place of unequaled terrors.”

Additionally, the video introduces “zombie worlds” that exist in the “most inhospitable corner of the galaxy”.

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