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NHS hopes to save 55,000 lives a year with ‘absolute game-changer’ cancer blood tests

  • September 16, 2021

If they prove to be successful, the simple blood test should be effective at finding cancers typically hard to identify early on.

These include cancers that affect the head and neck, as well as the lungs, pancreas and throat.

Sara Hiom, GRAIL Europe’s Head of Cancer Intelligence told that successful results from the test period could lead to thousands of additional lives being saved once the tests are rolled out on a large scale.

She said: “The NHS has an ambition to save 55,000 additional lives within five years of a diagnosis of cancer.

“I would say that if this test fulfils the potential that we hope it will via this trail and if it were rolled out as an annual test and if people took it up it could play a significant role in achieving that 55,00 target.

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