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Scottish Conservative MP Says Don’t Call Party ‘Tories’ – Despite What Official Twitter Account Says

  • February 26, 2021

A Scottish Conservative MP has asked members of a parliamentary committee not to refer to his party as the “Tories” – even though the shorthand is used in one of the party’s official Twitter accounts.

At a session of the Scottish affairs committee on Thursday, an exchange over the correct names of political parties took place between chairman Pete Wishart, a Scottish National Party MP, and Andrew Bowie, a Conservative MP who sits on the committee.  

Wishart moved to make a correction when another committee member referred inaccurately to the “Scottish Nationalist Party”.

Wishart conceded the error was probably “totally inadvertent”, but added: ”I don’t think it helps anybody to misname political parties on this committee, and I’m sure (Iain Stewart, junior minister for Scotland, who was being questioned) would never think about doing this.

“I know we’re having to correct the prime minister all the time on this. Parties have particular names.”

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