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Shark attacks: People are more scared of drowning and jellyfish than sharks, study finds

  • February 26, 2021

“It’s promising to see that people’s fears are actually aligned with the statistical chance of these threats, given many more people drown per year compared to fatal shark interactions.”

The researchers found about 22 percent of those questioned had already experienced a shark encounter – although it is worth considering this is far more likely to happen in Australia than it is, for example, in Austria.

But what does this mean? For one thing, Dr Le Busque added, it is good news for marine conservation efforts.

Many species of shark worldwide are on the verge of extinction and their reputation of being cold-blooded killers always on the prowl for a human snack does very little to sway the public in their favour.

If perceptions about sharks change for the better, Dr Le Busque thinks more will be done to protect the animals.

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