Space launch: China readies Tianwen-1 Mars rover for July lift off

The as-yet-unnamed, 240-kilogram rover, the size of a small golf cart and one-quarter the weight of Perseverance, carries six scientific instruments.

Among them is a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) that, along with one on Perseverance, will be the first such devices on Mars, able to map subsurface features that orbiting radars see only dimly.

Elena Pettinelli, a geophysicist at Roma Tre University, who has helped analyse GPR data from China’s Chang’e 3 and 4 missions to the Moon, added: “You can really investigate layering, structures, and the presence of permafrost or ice.”

The US delayed the launch window of its own Perseverance probe—its fifth Mars rover mission—three times over the past month due to technical issues.

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