SpaceX launch time: When is SpaceX’s first human launch? What time is Crew Dragon launch?

SpaceX launch countdown:

-45:00 – SpaceX launch director verifies go for fuel propellant.

-42:00 – Crew access arm retracts.

-37:00 – Dragon’s launch escape system is armed.

-35:00 – RP-1 rocket grade kerosene loading begins.

-35:00 – First stage liquid oxygen loading begins.

-16:00 – Second stage liquid oxygen loading begins.

-07:00 – Falcon 9 begins engine chill prior to launch.

-05:00 – Dragon transitions to internal power.

-01:00 – Command flight to begin final prelaunch checks.

-01:00 – Propellant tank pressurisation to flight pressure begins.

-00:45 – SpaceX launch director verifies go for launch.

-00:03 – Engine controller commands engine ignition sequence to start.

-00:00 – Falcon 9 liftoff.

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