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Yellowstone volcano ‘supereruption’ would cause devastation across US

  • February 28, 2021

A supereruption at Yellowstone would no doubt cause devastation for tourists and those who live close-by to the area, the expert noted.

Mr Oppenheimer said: “In the immediate area, there is really a lot of devastation, where these hurricanes of ash known as pyroclastic flows travel.

“They would pretty much bury and burn anything that they come into contact with.

“There will be metres of the thickness of ash that falls out from the sky.”

The volcano expert explained that the devastation would eventually also impact the wider continent due to the sulphur spat out during eruptions.

He noted this could cause shifts in the climate in Northern America and across the world.

He continued: “Even on a continental scale there will be several centimetres of ash falling out 1,000km from the volcano.


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