Baptiste Episode 2 Review: The 11 Burning Questions We Now Have

How did the farmer know Natalie?

Further suggesting it was Natalie who buried the money was the revelation the farmer somehow knew her, as when he decided to take the newly-found money to the police station, he was stopped in his tracks when news of her death flashed up on the TV. The pair are obviously linked, but how?

What was in the letter?

After finding out about Natalie’s fate, the shaken farmer rushed home and opened a letter that had been posted to him but seemingly left unopened. As the contents weren’t written in English, we couldn’t read not what the letter said, but the next thing we knew, the farmer was at the hospital taking Natalie’s ex’s son. Was the letter from Natalie, and could the sick child actually be hers? 

Why did Edward want his relative dead?

After Baptiste was sent a report from a UK colleague about the man Constantin killed at the start of episode one, he was revealed as an apparent relative of Edward’s, Richard Stratton. With his severed head now holed up in Edward’s basement, it’s suggested he had a hand in his killing, but why? That is unless it was sent to him as a threat by the Romanians.

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