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Tories Striking Election Pacts With Brexit Party Behind Boris Johnson’s Back, Farage Claims

  • November 19, 2019

Responding to a question from HuffPost UK in Peterborough, itself a three-way Labour-Tory-Brexit Party marginal, Farage said: “This is an election in which there are Remain deals being done and Brexit deals being done at local level – it is not particularly surprising.

“I am aware of some areas in which we may be trying very hard and they may not be trying very hard and in a neighbouring seat it might be the other way round. I am aware of it. 

“But I can’t manage it. […] There are conversations that are going on.”

Asked if he would follow Arron Banks and Leave.EU in issuing tactical voting advice, Farage added: “We have got a plan for the areas in which we know we are the strongest and we are actioning that.”

It comes after Farage’s claims that candidates from his party had been offered peerages and other inducements to stand aside for the Brexit Party.

Responding, a Conservative spokesperson said: “Neither the Conservative party nor its officials have offered Brexit Party candidates jobs or peerages. 

“We don’t do electoral pacts – our pact is with the British people. 

“The only way to get Brexit done and unleash Britain’s potential is to vote for your local Conservative candidate. Otherwise, the country runs the risk of another deadlocked parliament, or even worse a Labour/SNP coalition led by Jeremy Corbyn who would subject Britain to two referendums in 2020.”

Meanwhile Scottish MEP Louis Stedman-Bryce quit the Brexit Party, condemning it for selecting an election candidate who wrote homophobic Facebook posts.

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