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Weddings And Weight: Why Do Brides Feel Pressure To Diet?

  • May 28, 2019

Meanwhile Rochelle Barrish, 43, from Cape Town, South Africa, quit the pre-wedding diet that was making her miserable after loved ones intervened. “My sweet fiancé, who up until then had begged me to stop as I was turning into a hungry monster, escalated my issue to my squad,” she explains. “They sat me down intervention-style and read a note he had written for them to read. I think ‘hearing’ his words come out of their mouths did the trick – one never listens to your partner.”

In the note, Rochelle’s now-husband, Elton, told her he wanted to marry the woman he’d fallen in love with and she finally realised she didn’t need to change. “I stopped the diet the next day and enjoyed the rest of my wedding prep,” she says. “I changed wedding dress shops and went to one for a fuller-figured bride and I really, really enjoyed my dress and my wedding ceremony and reception.”

For brides still feeling stressed, Holly Winter Stevens, 40, from Hampshire, advises offloading that worry on to your dressmaker. Against her better judgement, she crash dieted before her wedding because of an irrational fear that her dress wouldn’t fit. Eleven years later, her work as a dressmaker ensures brides don’t feel the same.

“I look back and think: ‘You twat!’” she jokes. “Most of my brides come to their fittings angst-ridden about fitting into their dresses. I tell them they can delegate that worry to me; it’s my job to make their dresses fit, not theirs. Feeling healthy and confident and rocking what you’ve got is way more important.”

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