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No. 10 tells Peter Andre: siestas wouldn’t work here

  • July 05, 2022

Downing Street has told Peter Andre that British people could not be trusted to have a continental-style siesta because they would all go to the pub and get drunk. Speaking to Times Radio, the pop star said that when he raised the idea of introducing afternoon naps to improve productivity with a friend at No. 10, they gave his idea a thumbs down. “He said that when [UK workers] go the pub they can have quite a few drinks and they are not going to come back to work in the afternoon. And I thought that I kind of get that.” A Downing Street spokesperson denied the claims.

Calls for NZ’s public pooing law to change

A law in New Zealand that allows people to excrete in public as long as they do not think they are being watched must be re-visited, a camping group has said. The Guardian explained that although it is an offence to defecate in a public place, they can escape a $200 fine if the squatter can demonstrate that they had reasonable grounds for believing they were not being observed. The Responsible Campers Association Inc said the law should also require people to show they went about their business at least 50 metres from a waterway and that they buried their waste by at least 15cm.

Cinemas ban teens in suits

Some cinemas have banned teens from wearing suits to screenings of Minions: The Rise of Gru following complaints about rowdy behaviour. The Independent said the decision came after some young moviegoers were disruptive in cinemas as a viral trend erupted on TikTok. A staff member at one venue told the BBC they wanted to ensure the experience was not spoiled for younger children on what could be their first cinema trip.

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