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Princess Charlotte: photo gallery of ‘cheeky’ seven–year-old royal

  • August 05, 2022

The Cambridge children are anything but camera shy, but Princess Charlotte can give her brothers a run for their money in the photo-op stakes. 

During a “surprise” appearance with her parents at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this week, “cheeky” Charlotte amused onlookers by pulling a “variety of funny faces” and “rolling her eyes following a comment from her father” as they watched swimmers compete, said LBC

The seven-year-old was “clearly in her element”, said Women Home, and is “just as cheeky as her dad at the same age”.

Charlotte has also been compared to her late grandmother Princess Diana. Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Express that like Diana, the young princess “gives the initial impression of shyness but beneath that appears to be an outgoing, fun personality”.

“She grins, she grimaces, she pouts,” said The Times, which concluded that Charlotte “is a royal photographer’s delight”. 

Here are some of the most memorable snaps of her playing up to the cameras.

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