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Archaeology: Lost city of Atlantis myth gains popularity following hit Netflix series

  • November 29, 2022

But Mr Hancock, who has long written on the topic, argues that archaeologists have deliberately covered up this version of history, accusing mainstream academia of being “extremely defensive, arrogant and patronising”. 

However, Flint Dibble, an archaeologist at Cardiff University, has accused Mr Hancock of having “flawed thinking”. He told the Conversation that “it is simply that we strongly believe he is wrong’. 

Prof Diblle has also told IFL Science: “It’s all modern mythology. It’s based off very clearly not reading Plato closely. And of course, at the time these historians and philosophers are writing, there’s not much archaeology around, archaeology is just starting. So there’s no archaeological evidence that supports or disrupts it.

“Obviously now, 150 years later, the archaeological evidence shows nill, it’s very clear, and a close reading of the context of [Plato’s] dialogues shows that they’re just flipping it on its head to make their own modern mythmaking.”

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