Asteroid apocalypse: Expert reveals whether rogue space rock could destroy Earth

“But, the chances of that happening are very unlikely.”

“Asteroid Apophis is one of the asteroids that we are tracking and we know that it is not going to impact for the next few decades and will continue on trail.”

The asteroid expert has nonetheless conducted much research surrounding rebooting civilisation after an apocalypse event.

And he believes recent generations’ post-apocalypse survival skills have regressed.

He said: “The scenes of how the modern world works- where does all the stuff you take for granted everyday lives – be it the food appearing on the shelves at the shop or electricity or tools we use or the cities we live in … how do they provide us?

“How are they made? How does it come to us?

“Our grandparents had a much closer connection with these things, they understood where this came from and how they’re made.

“I think those skills have been lost in more recent generations.

“We don’t really understand or appreciate where they come from.“

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