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Pentagon developing new £100m defence system to intercept 4,000mph hypersonic missiles

  • July 06, 2022

In the meantime, a Russian television commentator has called for a new “Cuban Missile Crisis” with the US, “this time with hypersonic missiles” in an attempt to force President Joe Biden into stemming the flow of weapons to Ukraine.

Andrei Gurulyov said: “Right now, they’re delivering MLRS [Multiple Launch Rocket System], howitzers, they’ll deliver anything in Ukraine, up to a nuclear bomb just not to let us win.

“Any détente happens after a good crisis, like the détente that followed the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“Why? Because during the Cuban Missile Crisis, there was a direct threat to the territory of the US to which they had no immediate response.

“We should create similar circumstances since the US is behind all this and others are on their leash.

“We’re ahead of everyone with hypersonic weapons, our hypersonic weapons should be, not only aboard traditional carriers but brought near to the vicinity of the United States.

“With a flight time of five minutes, maximum, Biden will keep sitting there and stuttering but the rest will think about how to negotiate.”

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