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Risk-taking key to meeting Net Zero target by 2050, Siemens Energy boss says

  • December 05, 2022

One project that Siemens Energy has been working on to help facilitate net-zero is a prototype cracker that can break down ammonia into green hydrogen — which could be used, for example, to power hydrogen buses or portable electric generators.

(In fact, Mr Scrimshaw explained, Siemens Energy and GeoPura have already been providing hydrogen generators to television productions crews at the BBC and Netflix for on location film work, as well as construction projects like the High Speed Two (HS2) railway.)

In future, however, the same concept could be scaled up for other applications, such as use by industry, for heating, and in grid-scale power generation systems.

The £3.5million trial, which is being undertaken in Newcastle in tandem with Fortescue Future Industries and GeoPura, will be capable of delivering 440 lbs of hydrogen on a daily basis. This, Siemens Energy explains, is enough to power the electric fuel cells of around 5–10 hydrogen-powered buses.

The ammonia needed for inputting into the cracker, Mr Scrimshaw explained, might be source from Australia — where, in fact, the “Metal Membrane Technology” purification process the system uses was developed — where ammonia is cheaper to produce using the country’s abundant solar power resources.

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