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Universe would have three time and one space dimensions for faster-than-light observers

  • December 29, 2022

In their new paper, however, Profs Dragan and Ekert and their colleagues have gone a step further — considering the ramifications of superluminal observers on four-dimensional spacetime.

The team started with the concept of spacetime that corresponds to our physical reality — one with three spatial dimensions and only one time dimension.

However, they said, from the point of view of a superluminal observer, only one dimension of the world would retain a spatial character — one along which the particles can move.

Prof. Dragan explains: “The other three dimensions are time dimensions.”

Paper co-author and University of Warsaw physicist Professor Krzysztof Turzyński added: “From the point of view of such an observer, the particle ‘ages’ independently in each of the three times.

“But from our perspective […] it looks like a simultaneous movement in all directions of space — i.e., the propagation of a quantum-mechanical spherical wave associated with a particle.”

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