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Weather warning: Satellite spots scorching heat searing through Europe in threat to life

  • July 06, 2022

Mr Hulley added: “These data can be used to identify hotspots, vulnerable regions, and assess the cooling impacts of heat mitigation approaches.”

ESA’s Benjamin Koetz added: “The instrument is proving extremely valuable in helping us develop and prepare for Europe’s LSTM mission, which will offer land-surface temperature data at a similar resolution, of 50 m.

“Envisaged to be launched towards the end of the decade, the main goal of LSTM is to respond to the needs of European farmers to make agricultural production more sustainable as water shortages increase, thereby helping farmers get more ‘crop for the drop.’

“However, it is evident that we are all experiencing more heatwaves and LSTM will also be important for helping authorities address the serious issue of urban heat islands by monitoring city microclimates.”

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