Which Is The Best Reusable Coffee Cup? We Tried Them All For You

Natasha Hinde, Life reporter

This doesn’t feel like your average coffee cup. Made from natural fibre, corn starch and resin, it’s almost like strong cardboard – but retains hot liquids like a boss. The lid is made with matte, food-grade silicone which is latex-free and has a little stopper that prevents liquid from spurting out of the area you drink from which, in my experience, is the area which causes the most damage when you’re walking along and hot liquid escapes onto your hand.

The one letdown is that even after giving it a good wash before using it, it does make your tea taste different. With coffee, there’s a possibility the flavour would manage to overpower the slightly cardboard-y taste, but with tea, that’s not really the case. I still drank the lot though.

Major redeeming points are the funky pattern (a distraction from the dismal weather outside), and the sleeve that’s made from the same material as the lid, which helps you from burning your mitts when you’re carrying it about. It’s big at 400ml and is dishwasher friendly, which appeals to my slovenly side. It’s also quite good value, too.

Does it retain heat though? One hour after making my cuppa, the tea was tepid so I wouldn’t advise leaving it too long on your commute.

Buy it here.

Contigo West Loop Bottle, Robert Dyas, £24.99

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