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Huge ‘active’ Russian volcano risks killing millions with ‘catastrophic’ eruption

  • July 05, 2022

Along with its smaller neighbour, Malaya Udina, Bolshaya Udina is a stratovolcano, a steep-sided body that would have built-up from explosive eruptions that deposited layers of lava, pumice and ash.

Stratovolcanoes — especially those located near the edges of sinking tectonic plates, like Bolshaya Udina — can build up to violent eruptions thanks to their vicious, slow-flowing magma that traps gases and can build up enormous pressures.

Geophysicist Ivan Koulakov said in 2019 villages around the volcano would be significantly impacted in the event of an eruption.

He did point out: “There are not many people around.”

However, the impacts of an eruption could spread beyond Russia, Mr Koulakov warned an eruption would affect the climate in “completely different parts of the world”.

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