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Stupid political games! IDS furious as EU ‘violating’ Brexit deal and holding UK hostage

  • July 05, 2022

But the bloc later turned around and told the UK it cannot take part until it resolves the Northern Ireland Protocol dispute, leaving the former leader of the Conservative Party furious.

In an exclusive interview with, Mr Duncan Smith said: “The stupid political games that Europe is playing over Horizon, which was all agreed that we would play a part in, has illustrated just how hopeless it is with Europe.”

Mr Duncan Smith, when asked if he thought the EU was in breach of the TCA, responded: “They are just violating everything.

“Everything about the European Union, which lots of people did not want to admit, is political.

“Everything comes down to politics because they have a European Union that is greater than the individual nation state and everything else is fixed around that concept.

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